NEW RELEASE! MT Flex CART and QualityNet Management Guide

NEW RELEASE! MT Flex CART and QualityNet Management Guide

A primary goal of the MT Flex Program this grant year is to increase complete and consistent reporting rates for outpatient measures.   MT Flex developed a gap analysis survey and sent to MT CAH QICs and others that are responsible for submitting MBQIP data.  The overwhelming response we got back was struggles with CART and QualityNet….everything about CART and QualityNet.   Since all but one measure is submitted through this platform, assistance in making our MT CAHs feel comfortable and skilled submitting data to CART/QualityNet is our first step.

There is a variety of tools out there on the QualityNet website but what our CAHs struggle with the most was managing the programs and the log ins.  There are 3 different log ins – 1 for CART inpatient, 1 for CART outpatient, and 1 for QualityNet….and all make you changed every 3 months.  Also, most only work in CART once a quarter so it is difficult to retain processes without repetition.   Using the specific needs identified in the MT Flex gap analysis, we developed a detailed CART guide that encompasses not only data entry into CART but tips to manage the data.   You can access the guide at the link below.

Please feel free to provide input in ways we can make this better!

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