Inpatient Emergency Department Throughput

Data Submission & Deadlines

Flex Programs are adding Inpatient ED-1 and ED-2 [ED throughput for admitted patients] to the required measure set for MBQIP.   The first quarter of reporting will be 3Q 2017, due February 15 2018 to CART/QNet.  These measures compliment current outpatient ED throughput measures and are very applicable to CAHs due to ED volumes.


Inpatient Due DatesQ1Q2Q3Q4
August 15November 15February 15May 15
IP ED-1: Median Time ED Arrival to Departure for Admitted PatientsCART to Quality NetQuarterlyIP ED Abstraction Tool

IP ED Specifications Manual

ICD 10 Codes & CPT Tables

Complete Inpatient Specification Manual
IP ED-2: Median time from admit decision time to departure from the ED for admitted patientsCART to Quality NetQuarterly

Inpatient ED Throughput Abstraction Training

Inpatient ED Throughput Specifications Manual (2017 Cases)

1Q 17 – 4Q 17Inpatient ED Throughput Paper Tool

CART Instructions:

  • Before entering data, go to “Provider”
  • Preferences for your facility will appear on the right.   Select the time period for 2017 from the Time Period drop down.
  • Check IQR-ED and IQR-IMM and the Save icon in the upper left.
  • Go to Patient, and begin process of entering a new abstraction.
    • Choose IQR-ED as the Measure set first.
    • Choose to “Enable/disable questions appropriately” on question 1 and enter the IP ED abstraction data.
    • Choose Save.  It will ask if you want to duplicate this record – Choose OK.   This will prefill information for IMM-2 abstraction.
    • After you click OK a new abstraction box will pop up, choose IQR-IMM as the measure set and enter required IMM-2 data.   The specific IMM-2 question will only be fillable during flu seasons, but complete the available questions anyway to get reporting credit

Improvement Projects

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Inpatient ED Throughput Specifications Manual (2017 Cases)