CART & Quality Net

Trainings & User Guides for CART and QualityNet

QualityNet Training

QualityNet Enrollment Webinar    The training covers preparing for first-time login, logging in for the first time (proofing and credentialing process), logging into the QualityNet Secure Portal and logging out of the QualityNet Secure Portal

CMS Abstraction and Reporting Tool (CART) User Guides

Running QualityNet Reports: Accessing your list of Medicare fee for service claims and their corresponding measure sets can be found on page 7 of the report.  This is a good place to begin for identifying qualifying cases!

Submitting Zero Population to QualityNet: Many CAHs may have no occurrences for outpatient measures such as AMI, Chest Pain and Pain Management in a quarter.  To still be counted for participation in MBQIP, CAHs are required to submit “zero cases” to Quality Net.   This document needs to be uploaded to QualityNet following the outpatient submission deadlines.  (ie 4Q is due June 1)