Inpatient Influenza Immunizations

IMM-2 :Inpatients assessed and given
influenza vaccination
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IMM-2August 15November 15February 15May 15

The flu season is defined as October 1 through March 31.

For non-flu season quarters: In continuing efforts to align MBQIP with the CMS Reporting Programs, FORHP expects hospitals to follow the data collection instructions for the IMM-2 measure found in the Inpatient Specifications Manual, which indicate data is to be collected each quarter.

The IMM-2 measure is a CMS Inpatient Global Measures with an initial patient population that includes all patients discharged from acute inpatient care with a length of stay less than or equal to 120 days. Other measures are pulled from this patient population.

  • The goal of MBQIP is for CAHs to be submitting data and improving quality of care on all of MBQIP core measures.
  • As long as CAHs meet the minimum threshold of submission they will be considered participating in MBQIP even if they do not submit cases for IMM-2 in Q2 and Q3.