Healthcare Worker Influenza Immunization

If there was a simple, inexpensive, readily available step once each year that would cut healthcare worker risk for infection, decrease absenteeism, and reduce deaths in their patients, wouldn’t almost all HCW take that step?

  • Annual influenza vaccination can provide these advantages and is the standard of care recommended by the CDC, Joint Commission, Montana Department of Public Health and other professional organizations.
  • Healthy People 2020 set a target rate of 90% for HCW.  2013/14 CDC data for hospital-based HCW was 81.8%.
  • Montana CAHs provide high-quality healthcare in our communities, so let’s put Montana at the leading edge for HCW influenza immunization rates!

Join us to help demonstrate the commitment to high quality care in Montana with the Healthcare Worker Immunization Study!

Each year the MT Flex Grant will run a Quality Improvement Study focusing on healthcare worker immunizations.   The national goal is 90% and we know Montana can blow that out of the water!

Tracking, marketing and other applicable tools are available in our toolkit.  Data collection for the 2017-2018 flu season is due to be entered into NHSN by May 15, 2018.

Study Requirements

2016-2017 Healthcare Worker Immunization Study Results

Improvement and Education Resources

Strategies that WORK!  Improve Your Staff Immunization Rates (MT Flex & MPQH QIN-QIO, August 2018

Webinar Recording            Presentation Handout

Mountain Pacific Quality Health Preventative Health Tools & Resources

Within Reach: Healthcare Workers Toolkit (Within Reach Washington)

PIN: Healthcare Personnel Influenza Immunization Toolkit

Creating a Successful Influenza Vaccine for Health Care Personnel (Mountain-Pacific Quality Health)

HCW Immunization Presentation (Dec 6, 2017)

HCW Immunization Program Timeline (Mountain Pacific Quality Health)

HCW Immunization Tracking Spreadsheet (Mountain Pacific Quality Health)

Sample: Alternate Site Influenza Vaccination & Declination Forms (Clark Fork Valley Hospital)

Sample: Influenza Vaccination Employee Policy (Clark Fork Valley Hospital)

Sample: Mandatory Influenza Vaccination Employee Policy (Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital)