MBQIP 2 Outcomes

As Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) transition to Value Based Care, quality improvement data will not only be measured, but utilized to determine reimbursement rates.  To facilitate this transition, the Flex Program has partnered with Abundant Solutions, LLC, to integrate the QI Coordinator Education and QI Project opportunities into the MBQIP 2 Outcomes (M2O) Project Program.  The focus of the M2O Project Program is to transition from data collection to doing by providing educational support, tools and networking opportunities to facilitate rapid-cycle improvement projects utilizing your facility’s MBQIP data.

The M2O Project Program will conduct two rapid-cycle improvement projects annually, focusing on a specific MBQIP measure (HCAHPS, OP, IP or EDTC) by offering hands-on learning with measureable outcomes for all QI Coordinators along with their project teams.  By focusing on improving one measure at a time in each M2O Project, the network will facilitate systematic statewide improvement, moving the needle in Montana.

New QI Coordinators will now receive individualized on-site visits for MBQIP/QI basic training.


The second M2O project targets MBQIP outpatient measures OP 18 & 20: ED Throughput. The goal of improving ED Throughput is to positively impact patient safety and experience by identifying the root causes behind longer than average patient stays and improving any primary or ancillary processes that may lead to extended patient visits. This project will involve multiple departments including, but not limited to: registration, IT, nursing, providers, pharmacy, laboratory, radiology and quality.

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Project Resources:
M2O: O2O OUTPATIENT 2 OUTCOMES: Session Materials & Presentations
M2O: O2O OUTPATIENT 2 OUTCOMES: Facility Shared A3s, Current State Maps & Project Overviews
M2O: O2O OUTPATIENT 2 OUTCOMES: Project Aggregate Report


The first M2O project was focused on improving HCAHPS scores on Composite #7: Care Transitions. Improving Care Transitions should impact multiple HCAHPS measures through its blend of nurse-patient communication, communication about medication and discharge information elements.  This project ran Summer 2016.

Project Resources:

Project Final Results Report (Aggregated)
M2O Project 1- HCAHPS 2 OUTCOMES: Session Materials & Presentations
M2O Project 1- HCAHPS 2 OUTCOMES: Facility Shared A3s, Current State Maps & Tools

M2O Project Programs Facilitated by Tawnie Sabin of Abundant Solutions, LLC

Tawnie Sabin, JD, BSIE, has proven experience in implementing innovative tools and solutions for rural facilities. Having collaborated with multiple stakeholders to identify and address complex problems in the transformation of rural health care through a CMS Health Care Innovation Award, she facilitated performance improvement activities through the creation and support of a virtual network utilizing lean methodologies in 25 CAH Communities across Montana. She has also published two articles utilizing lean as a healthcare improvement methodology.