Trauma Performance Improvement Projects

Trauma Performance Improvement Projects

Trauma Reimbursement

The Trauma Reimbursement project is a joint collaboration between MT Flex/PIN and the Department of Public Health and Human Services, EMS and Trauma Systems.  The project is primarily focused on improving trauma reimbursement for Trauma Designated MT CAHs through the use of lean performance improvement methodologies and networking opportunities with subject matter experts.

The goals of the project are:

  • Assist facilities with Trauma Team Activation (TTA) fee and reimbursement from cases meeting appropriate criteria (i.e. pre-hospital activation).
  • Assist facilities with reimbursement for critical care provided to trauma team activations that arrived by private vehicle (POV) or walk-in and and/or any trauma patient that meets appropriate critical care billing requirements.

Pilot Project (2016)

Summary report coming!

2018 Project

The project will expand to two regional (East/West RTACs) approaches, involving 14 MT CAHs!  There are 10 CAHs from the Eastern MT Trauma region and 4 from the Western MT Trauma region.

The project will run from May 2017-August 2017.
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