Assessment & Implementation Tools

Frontier Medicine Better Health Partnership (FMBHP)

With more than 25% of our nation’s population living in frontier/rural America, solutions to our nation’s healthcare crisis need to include innovations in the delivery and payment systems that include these healthcare providers. The Frontier Medicine Better Health Partnership (FMBHP) was formed to address the unique healthcare challenges in frontier/rural communities and develop solutions that are scalable nationwide. (FMBHP)

In addition to the CHSD, the Office of Rural Health has been contracted by FMBHP (located in St. Regis, Montana) to provide assessments on 25 Critical Access Hospitals throughout the state. These assessments allow the ability to develop a plan (Better Health Improvement Plan) which enables the creation of specific community goals to aim toward; Improving the patient experience of care (including quality and satisfaction, improving the health of populations, and reducing the per capita cost of healthcare). (The IHI Triple Aim)

3 Part Series on Reporting & Evaluation Community Benefit Activities

Part 1: Next Steps Following Your Hospital’s CHSD Assessment & Implementation Plan

Part 2: How prepared are you to evaluate the outcomes and impact of your CHNA implementation strategies as required by the IRS?

Part 3: Annual IRS Progress Report