Outpatient to Outcomes 2017: ED Throughput

Spring 2017: O2O- OUTPATIENT 2 OUTCOMES – ED Throughput

This M2O project targets MBQIP outpatient measures OP 18 & 20: ED Throughput. The goal of improving ED Throughput is to positively impact patient safety and experience by identifying the root causes behind longer than average patient stays and improving any primary or ancillary processes that may lead to extended patient visits. This project will involve multiple departments including, but not limited to: registration, IT, nursing, providers, pharmacy, laboratory, radiology and quality.

Project Resources:
M2O: O2O OUTPATIENT 2 OUTCOMES: Session Materials & Presentations
M2O: O2O OUTPATIENT 2 OUTCOMES: Facility Shared A3s, Current State Maps & Project Overviews
M2O: O2O OUTPATIENT 2 OUTCOMES: Project Aggregate Report