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While emergency care is important in all hospitals, the emergency department is particularly important in rural hospitals where the distance to urban medical centers makes the effective triage, stabilization, and transfer of patients essential. Communication problems are a major contributing factor to adverse healthcare events in hospitals, accounting for 65% of sentinel events tracked by The Joint Commission. In addition, research indicates that deficits exist in the transfer of patient information between hospitals and community primary care physicians, and between hospitals and long-term care facilities. For example, when a patient arrives at an emergency department needing time-sensitive care that includes transfer to a tertiary care center, the rural hospital’s ability to quickly assess, arrange, and get the patient out the door with the necessary and appropriate information can be of life or death importance.

Data Submission & Deadlines

Submit all data to MT FlexMay 1August 1November 1February 1

Option 1 (Preferred): EDTC Excel Tool

Enter your cases into the EDTC excel tool for the correct time period. At the end of each quarter, save your completed excel file and email a copy to the Jennifer Wagner (jennifer.wagner@mtha.org) with the MT Flex Grant for submission to MBQIP.

Instructions for using the New ED Transfer Communications Tool

Right click and “Save As”

Quarter 1 2018 – ED Transfer Communication Tool
Quarter 2 2018 – ED Transfer Communication Tool
Quarter 3 2018 – ED Transfer Communication Tool
Quarter 4 2018 – ED Transfer Communication Tool

Option 2: Use paper data collection tool & spreadsheet.

All cases abstracted using the paper tool must be submitted by email using the new data collection tool (above) or the excel spreadsheet (below).

Paper Data Collection Tool

ED Transfer Communications Spreadsheet

Improvement Projects

ED Transfer Communication Improvement Cohort (2017-2018)

ED Transfer Communication Quality Improvement Study (2016-2017)


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