Mission statement

“The mission of the Montana Rural Healthcare Performance Improvement Network is to develop and provide a collaborative support system which will enable small rural hospitals to have the ability to deliver quality care and achieve customer satisfaction.”

Guiding Principles

Montana Rural Healthcare Performance Improvement Network (PIN) Guiding Principles:

  1. The founding purpose of the Montana Rural Healthcare Performance Improvement Network is to assist Critical Access Hospitals in achieving compliance with the Medicare Quality Assurance Conditions of Participation.
  2. Membership in the PIN is open to any Montana rural hospital with 25 beds or less. Network services may be purchased by other rural hospitals.
  3. Involvement in PIN activities by individual hospitals is entirely voluntary but full participation is encouraged.
  4. Performance improvement activities will be determined by the needs and wants of network members.
  5. Support and services provided by the PIN to small rural hospitals will encourage participant self-sufficiency to the greatest degree possible thus minimizing the need for outside consultants/support on a continuing basis.
  6. Network services and activities will be developed and offered to all PIN participants as desired and allowed by funding resources.
  7. Funding for PIN activities will initially be covered as part of the Montana Rural Hospital Flexibility Grant award. Additional funding sources may be required for PIN services and may include, but are not limited to, assessments to participating facilities, additional grant resources or other funding options as determined appropriate by the PIN Advisory Board.

PIN Strategic Plan 2012-2015